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Zack Cagan




Height: 5’7” Weight: 200 lbs

Degree: BFA Acting - Florida State University

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Willing to travel, Valid Passport

Film & Television

Emogenius                                              Contestant                                              Game Show Network

Vengeance of the Christ                         Emilio                                                     Dir: Hunter Truman

Riley                                                         Mr Welby                                                Dir: Geri Ingall

The Good, the Bad, and the Elderly      Jared                                                      Dir: Brian Knight

*Vaudeville Inn                                        Clown                                                     Dir: Spencer Frankeberger

Homewrecker                                          Francis                                                   Dir: Patrick Saxer

*Official Selection Gangrene Film Festival

2010 - present

Enter Stage Right                                      Various Characters                            24th STreet Theatre, LA (Dir. Debbie Devine)

Rikki Tikki Tavi                                          Chu Chu                                               Fallon Theater

A Behanding in Spokane                         Carmichael                                           Studio Theater

Spring Awakening                                    Adult Men                                             Oasis Theater

Avenue Q                                                   Brian                                                     Forum Theater

The Romancers                                         Bergamin                                             Straz Center

2010 - present

Florida State University: BFA Acting

Theatre Academy London


Film: John Papsidera CSA, Leslie France Patterson, Nick Reed


Acting: Jean McDaniel Lickson (Shakespeare), Fred Chappell, Michael Hayden

Voice: Debra Hale (Linklater, IPA); Elena Correia (Singing)

Movement: Kate Gelabert, Mick Barnfather (Mask, Physical comedy)

Dance: Michael’s Academy of Dance (Tap & Jazz), Stagedoor Manor (Tap) 


Unicycle, juggling (balls, clubs, torches), close-up magic, balloon art, plate/book spinning, diablo

Dialects: SD British, Cockney, Southern, Irish, Jamaican

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