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Want to know my life's story? Read on!

I was born in the thick tropical jungle of Hartford, Connecticut to two hard-working merchants. One was a glass-blower by day and hourglass flipper by night. The other, a nurse to wounded mosquitoes during the War of the Worlds. Two and half years later, not long after my sister was past the fetus stage, we were all expedited (ground shipping, next day delivery not available) to the south-east coast of the tundra state, Florida.

Unaccustomed to my lack of dialogue, I was tossed among other egotistical five year olds into a summer camp for the theatre. Of course, it was exactly what I desired. I needed it. Every year my passion for this intangible art grew. I went on to train with the worst of the worst and the best of the best, winning a plethora of ribbons, trophies, and incorrectly spelled, yet elegantly engraved plaques.

Obviously not majoring in law, I received a grief-stricken undergraduate degree in this art form from a state university known for its controversial football team. I now reside in stable-ground Los Angeles, CA where I continue to convince myself that I am worthy of this socially constructed society.

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